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04.06.2015 małe gralsony

krótka historia moich klonów... podana w wersji b&w...

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11.12.2015 - 10:40
I really can't hear it anymroe. Nothing against you, my fellow compatriot, but this everlasting German responsibility and German guilt annoys me as much as the debate about patriotism itself. This is so unbelievably German Your intentions may be understandable, but this debate is soooo old-fashioned and the exact opposite of modern and forward-looking.1. To the pride: are you proud of your family and your boyfriend and their achievements? Well, then you obviously CAN be proud of something you have not achieved by yourself. So you can be proud of your Germanness as well if you want. And if you don't want, no one forces you to feel any pride. But don't claim that pride inevitably can only arise with someone's own achievements.2. We do not have any special responsibility for anything. I do not have more responsibility to not commit another genocide then, let's say, a young Frenchman or American. Every human being has exactly the same responsibility to not commit mass murder.3. You do NOT speak for the entire German nation, as Geeky has already mentioned. I am German, and I do not at all agree with anything you say. I'm proud of Germany. I'm proud of all the inventions we have given the world. Without Konrad Zuse, who invented the first computer, this discussion would not be possible. Without Johannes Gutenberg, the entire human history would have followed a different path because books would have remained an expensive good only accessible by the upper classes. Without the highly patriotic chemist Fritz Haber, who was also Jewish and derived of his citizenship by the Nazi brutes, at least a third of mankind would starve to death. I'm proud of our literature, of our music, and of all other forms of art.I cannot at all understand your way of thinking. I was born into a family with which I will always be linked together. And I was born into a nation which is nothing but a wider family. And I love my country as I love my family. No one in the world forces you to feel the same way, but please stop pretending as if all Germans thought like you. One of our greatest countrymen, Goethe, wrote: Glauben Sie ja nicht, dadf ich gleichgfcltig we4re gegen die grodfen Ideen Freiheit, Volk, Vaterland. ( ) Auch mir liegt Deutschland warm am Herzen. ( ) Wissenschaft und Kunst gehf6ren der Welt an, und vor ihnen verschwinden die Schranken der Nationalite4t. Aber der Trost, den sie gewe4hren, ist doch noch ein leidiger Trost und ersetzt das stolze Bewudftsein nicht, einem grodfen, starken, geachteten und geffcrchteten Volk anzugehf6ren. In derselben Weise trf6stet auch nur der Glaube an Deutschlands Zukunft. Und hier noch der Auszug aus einem patriotischen Werk eines unserer grodfen Komponisten, Telemanns: .
IP: :
05.06.2015 - 20:09
cudne słodziaki i śliczne zdjęcia
ewa :
04.06.2015 - 14:08
Moje gratulacje Panie Tomku jak zwykle strzał w dziesiątkę.Ujęcia Tobiasza i Basi super .Tata profesjonalista .

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